Campout Packing List

Make sure your tent is big enough for you and your siblings! You can only share tents with people in your household, not with friends!
Sleeping Bag
Or any other kind of padding honestly. It could be an air mattress, or a pool float if that what floats your boat (get it..... floats?).
If you don't have a sleeping bag, you'd better remember your pillow and blankets. It should be warm but you'll definitely want a pillow!
The one on your phone is fine but if that's the plan, you may want to bring a portable charger so that your flashlight doesn't drain your battery.
Portable Charger
If you have a portable charger, it's probably not a bad idea to bring that with you just to be safe!
Folding Chair
If you don't have a folding chair, bring a thick blanket! We are gonna be watching a movie outside so you'll need something to sit on!
Movie Snacks
Bring whatever snacks you may want! We will be having pizza and S'mores, but nothing during the movie! No sharing unless it's with your siblings!
It's not a bad idea to bring two towels because you'll use one to dry off from water wars and one to protect the seats in your/your parents' car!
Smart Shoes
Like I said, we're going in the woods and we're staying outside all night so be less worried about tan lines and more worried about sensibility.
Smart Clothes
Wear appropriate clothes for this event! It might be hot but we're going into the woods and there's bugs and pokey sticks in there! I'd bring two extra outfits (One you come in, and two extras) just in case! Also don't forget socks and undies, that means no reversing the boxers you nasties!
Water clothes
You'll need a swimsuit or extra clothes. Make sure your bathing suits are appropriate (we won't be visible from road). Also think about footwear!
If you take meds at night or in the morning, and can't take them before you come or after you get home, give them to either Connor or Andrew in a Ziploc bag with your name on it!
Hairbrush, deodorant, etc
We will not be going into the church other than to use the bathroom. This means, bring whatever you need to feel pretty without using water!
Sunscreen and Bugspray
Everyone is going to want bug spray! If you're one of those people who get sunburnt just thinking about the sun, bring sunscreen too!
*Portage Lakes Students Only*
We did our best to make this event super cheap! You just have get $5 to Andrew to cover the cost of pizza and breakfast!